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IDANCE is a company based in Hong Kong. As its name suggests, the company is famous for its DISCO entertainment products designed for a wide audience, as well as for the design and assembly of products for both professional and amateur DJs, all of high quality.

It offers a wide range of portable (often on wheels), battery-powered systems with powerful built-in amplifiers/speakers that are compatible with playlists from all sources, such as Bluetooth, USB connections or capable of reading memory cards.

The company also offers numerous solutions for consumers looking for a powerful portable Bluetooth system that combines high quality sound with effective built-in disco ball lighting.

Well designed, the IDANCE models are ready to use and do not require any adjustment, installation or preparation. They often include a microphone (wired or wireless). The perfect solution for parties as well as speeches and presentations.

We have been distributing these products since September 2015.

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