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2016 saw an explosion in the popularity of electric mobility products. With its electric scooters, unicycles and standing scooters, all designed with the latest cutting edge technology, the Chinese-American company AIRWHEEL has proved to be the go-to company in this area.

Electric, rechargeable (therefore emission-free), compact (many models are foldable) and stylish, AIRWHEEL products represent THE mobility solution of the future. Fun to ride, they are also practical for city living as they can be easily stored in the boot/trunk of a car to be used whenever needed.

Firmly focused on innovation, AIRWHEEL launches several new concepts each year. Greatly concerned with the safety of its users, it is developing a number of cutting edge systems such as electric scooters fitted with dual brakes and front and rear lighting.

AIRWHEEL also offers the option, for most of its models, of downloading an app that provides information to users about the remaining battery charge, any speed limits and even offering a sat-nav function.

AIRWHEEL products not only incorporate the most cutting-edge, ultra-sophisticated technology, they are also stylishly designed. The company has its own design studio in California staffed by Italian designers.

AIRWHEEL products are currently sold in the majority of European as well as American and Chinese markets. We have been distributing these products since January 2016.

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